Meet Beth Goldman, Finalist for Broward Schools’ Teacher of the Year

Beth Goldman, J. P. Taravella High School

 Today’s star teacher is Beth Goldman, from J. P. Taravella High School. Stay tuned this week  as we continue to spotlight more teachers leading up to the Broward Schools Teacher of the Year winner announcement on February 16th. 

 Beth Goldman, who teaches debate at J. P. Taravella High School, did not always want to be a teacher. When asked as a child what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer was quick and simple, “actress.” However, after taking what she thought was a temporary job as a teacher, she realized that teaching was what she wanted to do, and she has done it for the past 40 years. Her dreams of performing have been filled through teaching because, to her, communication is an art and everyday is a performance.

Goldman shows her students that learning is not about memorizing facts and notes, but researching and supporting arguments to ensure that they are truly being empowered and enlightened. Every day she uses the motto “actions speak louder than words” encouraging her students that it is not enough to learn skills. They need to use those skills in their everyday lives. Her love and passion for language and communication has led her to be the longest lasting debate coach in Broward County, and is the reason the J. P. Taravella debate program has grown from one single class to five full debate classes with four levels. Often working six to seven days a week, she puts the needs of her students ahead of herself. Goldman gives her Saturdays for the team and holds programs after school to help students with their fear of public speaking.

 Thank you, Beth, for the good work that you do. Congratulations and good luck!

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