Tax Deadline Is Coming Soon

The deadline for most Americans to file their federal income tax forms is April 18, 2011.  So if you haven’t completed yours yet, here are a few tips:

 The IRS now offers a lot of help online and for mobile devices. Track the status of your refund by going to and clicking on “Where’s My refund?” You can also check on your refund status and get tax tips using your smart phone, by downloading the free IRS2Go app. You can even follow the IRS on Twitter (@IRSNews).

 If you haven’t filed your tax return yet, and if you expect a refund, don’t forget to have it direct deposited. Direct deposit is faster, plus you won’t have to worry about a paper check getting lost or stolen in the mail. It’s easy to request direct deposit right on your tax form. All you need is your routing number, your account number and whether you want it to go to savings or checking.

 For BrightStar Credit Union’s routing number click here. And if you need a savings or checking account or want to switch your account, we invite you to open one at BrightStar Credit Union. You can open a new account right on our web site.

 Here are some smart ideas for spending your income tax refund:

  • Think about paying down those high-interest rate loans and credit card balances.
  • Invest your refund. Put money into a savings account or a CD at the Credit Union, or invest in the market or for your retirement.
  • Set aside money for a vacation or the holidays—or for an emergency. BrightStar offers WISH accounts to help you save money for special occasions.
  • Open an account for your kids. It’s never too early to start teaching your kids good savings habits. BrightStar also offers accounts for kids.
  • Finally, think about investing in you.  Take a cooking class, or a fitness class—or use the refund to pay for a college course.

 For tax advice and tips, go to or consult a qualified tax professional.

About BrightStar Credit Union

BrightStar Credit Union is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative based in South Florida. If you live, work or go to school in Broward or Palm Beach counties, you can join!

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