BrightStar Helped To Honor School Mentors, Volunteers, Partners and Teachers

BrightStar recently attended two great local events, the Broward Schools Community Involvement Awards & the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year recognition luncheon.

The Community Involvement Awards recognize the top Broward Schools volunteers, mentors and business partners. The folks who were recognized at this event are doing fantastic work with schools and students. The ceremony was held at Parker Playhouse and was organized by Broward Schools and Partners In Education.

The Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce held their annual Teachers of the Year Luncheon at Orangebrook Golf & Country Club. The event recognized 29 great teachers in the Hollywood, Fl area.

BrightStar was a sponsor of both events. Congratulations to all of the honorees!

Community Involvement Award Winners

Outstanding adult Volunteer of the Year

  • Kaullis Marshall at Oriole Elementary

Outstanding Senior Volunteer of the Year

  • Fedric Nadelman at Banyan Elementary

Outstanding Student Volunteer of the Year

  • Melissa Bowman at Crestheaven Elementary

Outstanding Program Organizer Volunteer of the Year

  • Nancy Juin & Kimberly Lang at Silver Trail Middle


Mentor of the Year, Elementary Level

  • Nancy Washor at Flamingo Elementary

Mentor of the Year, Secondary Level

  • Officer Larry Vandusseldrop at Apollo Middle

Mentor Program of the Year

  • Jane Nichols & Bella – Pet Therapy Mentoring Program at Gator Run Elementary


Outstanding District Level Partnership of the Year

  • Exceptional Student Education with Memorial Hospital Miramar

School Based Partnership of the Year awards

  • South Area – Nova Blanche Forman Elementary with Feeding South Florida
  • North Area – Sawgrass Springs Middle with Youth Environmental Alliance
  • Central Area – Bennett Elementary with Christ Church & South Plantation High with City of Plantation

Florida PTA & Department of Education’s Parent Involvement Award

  • Elementary Level Winner – North Side Elementary, with Linking the Library to Literacy
  • Secondary Level Winner – Western High, Reach-Out Western

Congratulations to the 2011 Hollywood Teachers of the Year!

  • Apollo Middle School, Diana Dworzan
  • Attucks Middle, Su Shy
  • Beachside Montessori Village, Nora Penalver
  • Bethune Elementary Elementary, Suzanne Alicia Clarke
  • Blvd Heights Elementary,  Jacqueline Alvarado
  • Chaminade-Madonna, Brother George Endres, S.M. & Blanca Garcia
  • Colbert Elementary, Shirline Alexander
  • Collins Elementary, Shahjehan Rathore
  • Dania Elementary, Bonita Rudnick
  • Driftwood Elementary, Robin Guffey
  • Driftwood Middle, Thomas Ogden
  • FL Intercultural Academy., Julieta Nycz
  • Hollywood Central Elementary, Deborah Cowfer
  • Hollywood Hills Elementary, Shelley Scudder
  • Hollywood Hills High, Jorg Pophal
  • Hollywood Park Elementary, Nancy Adams
  • Marware Montessori Academy, Janna Kopicki; Maria Guastella & Beatriz Enrique
  • McArthur High, Kelly Drews
  • McNicol Middle, Kawana Hibbert
  • Oakridge Elementary, Rhonda Ervine
  • Olsen Middle, Jacqueline Medrano
  • Orange Brook Elementary, Monika Moorman
  • Sheridan Hills Elementary, Kathleen Treado
  • Sheridan Park Elementary, Cindy O’Linn
  • Sheridan Tech., Karen Tobias
  • South Broward High, Debra Hixon
  • Stirling Elementary, Neil Oberstein
  • Watkins Elementary, Antoinette Bell
  • West Hollywood Elementary, Nina Duchin

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