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Did you know we offer free online courses to help you improve your financial knowledge? Here’s one about checking account management.

It’s Our Birthday

It’s our Birthday, yup BrightStar is turning 65 and we’re celebrating all year! Join us tomorrow at the Pembroke Pines Branch for free cupcakes. Plus, you can play our “Guess The Stars” Game and win $65. Visit  to stay on top of ALL our anniversary activities. Here you can download cool desktop wallpapers, answer trivia questions for cash prizes & more!

See you tomorrow!

10 Tips to Get More Out of Your Monthly Budget

Many people are feeling the pinch of a tighter economy. So we’ve put together a list of ten things you can do to help reduce your monthly expenses or save money.


  1. Try bringing your lunch to work every day instead of purchasing it.
  2. Separate wants from needs. Do you really need that 42 inch flat screen television? When money is tight it should not be spent unless absolutely necessary.
  3. If you need to buy a car buy one with a higher MPG (miles per gallon).
  4. Keep track of your spending. If you know where you money is going it will be easier to make changes if you need to.
  5. Avoid using credit to pay your bills. While it may make things easier now, using credit only increases your monthly payments in the future.
  6. If you have a direct deposit for your paycheck, have some of your paycheck directly deposited into your savings account. If you do not have a direct deposit set up an automatic transfer each month from your checking account to your savings account. It is easier to save if you make it an automatic process.
  7. Avoid spending a significant amount of money on periodic purchases, like gifts and vacation. While you may feel good while you are spending the money, you will probably be wishing you had the money back later.
  8. Cut or downgrade your services. Can you get a cheaper cable package or have no cable at all? If you have a cell-phone consider cutting your land-line.
  9. Instead of purchasing a book or magazine or renting a video go the library. It’s free!
  10. Try lowering your energy bill. Turn off appliances and lights when they are not needed. Purchase energy-efficient light-bulbs. When you can, try using a fan instead of air-conditioning.

Mobile Banking

You can now access your BrightStar account on your mobile phone. Just go to Also, smart phones apps are coming soon.

The Best Free Checking in Town!

Did you know? Some of the big banks have eliminated free checking and raised fees, but at BrightStar totally free checking remains alive and well. Plus we offer thousands of free ATMs and Visa Extras points on debit cards. See for yourself.

The Best Free Checking in Town

BECON-TV’s School Duel Was A Hit!

The first season of School Duel recently came to an end, so we’re taking a moment to applaud all the amazing high school players. School Duel is the exciting academic quiz show from BECON-TV. BrightStar Credit Union is an official sponsor. The first year was a huge success with prizes, contests and loads of tough questions. The 15 week tournament featured 16 schools from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Congratulations to Westminster Christian High School, the School Duel Champions! Also, congratulations to Abia A. from The College Academy at BC. He was voted the BrightStar Credit Union “Star of the Year” on!

Have a great summer.

Students Learn Real-life Lessons Via BrightStar’s CU@school Program

Walter C. Young Middle School Finance Academy students learned a few real-life lessons this past school year with a little help from BrightStar CU’s CU@School program.  Lessons included finding ways to make and save money for short, mid and long term goals. Margarita L., an eighth grader, baked and sold brownies so she could save for her iTouch as her short term goal.  Daniel P. found loose change around the house and saved his allowance so he could surprise his mom with an iPod Nano. And Joseph S. worked with his mom part time brushing horses used for rehab and therapy. Susan Peretson, faculty advisor to the club, along with BrightStar Credit Union, started the Finance Academy to help increase financial literacy awareness at the school.

“We meet twice a month. Students learn how to run the school credit union as student tellers and most of all learn various financial lessons on money management,” said Peretson. “I’ve seen it from the infancy stage all the way to where we are today, and I believe we are making progress with the students.”

Peretson credits BrightStar Credit Union for introducing the CU@School program to the district.  Congratulations to all of the participating students this year. Enjoy your summer!