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Tips on saving this Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching which means pumpkins, trick-or-treat, costumes and spooky festivities. According to U.S. News and World Report, Americans spent $7.4 Billion on this ghoulish holiday in 2014. The average person will spend from $40-$80 on decorations, costumes and candy. Depending on family size, that amount can quickly spin out of control. Thankfully there are ways to enjoy the festivities without screaming when you see the bill. Here are a few tips:


Sam’s Club and Costco are great places to purchase candy in bulk. If you are not a member, ask friends or family who are members to take you shopping with them.

Non-candy treats such as stickers, erasers, pencils or plastic bugs can be a great alternative. Stop by your local dollar store for affordable options. Create your own trick-or-treat sacks by using pillow cases, sand buckets, baskets, gift bags or reusable grocery bags.


There are several websites where you can order affordable spooktacular decorations. Check coupon sites such a Groupon to see if there are additional savings available. The neighborhood Dollar Store is also a great option.

Activities or parties for the entire family

Events such as Halloween Horror Nights or your FREE community activity can be a great alternative. It’s also great to pool together with friends when having a fright night. Homemade Halloween goodies will be a scream at your howling party. Have a potluck where guests can win a prize for “the spookiest dish.” Groupon and Living Social are also great for events the entire family will enjoy.

Costume options

Make your own costume, shop at consignment stores or swap costumes with friends and family. Another alternative is the toy section for dress-up options. Use make-up instead of purchasing masks will also save green. Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube can assist with the make-up D-I-Y.


Purchase pumpkins last-minute at your neighborhood grocery stores or farmer’s markets to keep the cost of Halloween to a minimum. According to US News and World Report, stores may have drastically-reduced prices on pumpkins to save on the post-Halloween price drop. Have a pumpkin carving competition on, or, the night before Halloween.

In addition, a scary movie night can be a cost-effective option; create and print your own invitations; capitalize on the after-Halloween sales and make a note of how much you spent in order to save additional funds next year.