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Financial Goals: Staying Focused and Motivated

motivation monday 6.27

It’s the middle of the year. Remember that plan to save money this year? Here are some tips to help you stay on track to a richer 2016.

Envision success
Visualizing yourself enjoying the achievement of your goal can help you remember why you’re doing it in the first place. For example, if your goal is to replace you current junker with a new vehicle, imagine yourself enjoying a stress-free cruise in your new ride.

Give yourself rewards along the way
If your goal involves saving $5,000, build little “presents” in the plan for yourself. Like for every $1,000 saved you get to put $20 toward purchasing something for yourself.

Make it a partnership
Is a loved one also trying to reach a goal of their own? Make a pact to regularly check in with each other to monitor progress and offer encouragement. If you there isn’t someone close to you suited for this job, look for a financial support community online. If your goal involves other family members, do your best to not only include them in tracking progress, but get them excited about the process.

Build in reminders
Maybe it’s a Post-it note inside a cabinet you open regularly. Or perhaps it’s an electronic reminder sent via a computer scheduling application. It never hurts to get a reassuring hint that your goals are there for a reason. If you’re a highly visual person, consider putting a picture of your goal where you will see it a lot, like at your desk or in your car.

Treat setbacks as learning experiences
It’s unlikely that you will ever encounter entirely smooth sailing on your way to a financial goal. Because of this, it’s important to have the right attitude about the obstacles that spring up. If you get too discouraged, the whole plan could be lost. By treating unexpected jolts as opportunities for sharpening your skills, you put yourself in a better mind frame for ultimately reaching your destination.

Financial goals take work, but it doesn’t have to feel like work. By developing techniques to stay dialed in on the process of achieving your goals, you may even find the experience enjoyable!

Summer Fun on a Budget


Summer is here, kids are rejoicing and parents are trying to find something to do that won’t break the budget. Here is a list of fun, money-saving, local activities to do this summer:

South Florida is home to several parks that offer a variety of excursions for the entire family. Spend a day at C.B. Smith or T.Y. Park. Flamingo Gardens and Butterfly World allow you to see rare animals at minimal cost. Both C.B. Smith and T.Y. Park have water parks where you can cool off on a hot summer’s day.

More into science and culture? There are several museums for the family to explore in Broward. Young at Art Children’s Museum brings science, art and fun to life. There’s also the Museum of Science and Discovery, the Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum and the Antique Cars Museum. If you are up to the drive, there are several museums in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties as well.

Love the outdoors and animals? Try Miami Zoo, Palm Beach Zoo, Miami Seaquarium, the Little Farm or even Billie’s Swamp Safari for outdoor adventure.

Summer is a great time for the beach or doing things on the water. Stroll along on Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, fish off Dania Pier or ride along a bike path in Palm Beach County. There is also Bluefoot Pirate Adventures where your young adventurers can save the ship from those mean pirates. Water parks, such as Rapids Water Park, offer summer specials.

The ArtsPark at Young Circle in Hollywood has movie nights, glass blowing classes, food trucks, live music and much more. Other activities that you could take advantage of include laser tag, go-kart racing, bowling, miniature golf or even old school roller staking at Galaxy Skateway.

This is the beginning of the endless summer of fun and adventure for the family. Make the most of it. For more discounts on fun activities for the entire family visit the Sun Sentinel Lifestyle section: Summer fun on a budget